Task Management For The Little Things Brings Big Value

Simply Confirm Task Management

The article delineates the need for a new type of task management software that organizes small- to mid-sized tasks without resorting to the training, management and implementation of insanely complex software.

Everyone’s day is filled with tasks of short duration that don’t typically require extensive collaboration or highly involved management, yet must be done to bring the larger project to its most propitious conclusion.

And we want to have the ability to manage these everyday tasks with optimal efficiency and productivity, without having to immerse ourselves – and potentially get lost – in extremely complex project management tools.

Take creating a start-up software-as-a-service enterprise as an illustration, and more specifically, one near and dear to our hearts: the creation of our very own SimplyConfirm.

This is not our first time developing an innovative company, yet it probably seems a bit meta that the idea for SimplyConfirm arose from issues we’d had in past enterprises. Namely, how do we get individuals and teams communicating from the same page, track their progress in an easy way and carry out our crucial daily tasks?

Over the past 14 or so months, the core software side of the broader SimplyConfirm project has involved 560 individual tasks. These tasks, in turn, have required 1,654 software code commits.

Ensuring our team of developers, engineers, managers and others dispersed throughout the country and the world, including Austin, Bedford and Costa Rica, have received their assignments, understood what was being asked of them and ultimately completed them on time has been of utmost importance.

And indeed, as the fruits of our labor began to take shape, we used our own service to boost our own productivity and efficiency.

So when we think of task management software, we’re thinking of a tool that allows you to manage those daily tasks laid out in your action plan, as you make your way on the road to the larger project goal. The tasks are the team’s daily chores that must be done well or, misled and confused, can quickly wear at productivity as team members chase down communications, confirmation, understanding.

We’re also thinking of a secure place where the team can collaborate around easily organized tasks, but not overreact with incessant pings and interruptions: notification is deadline-based, leaving team communication to grow effortlessly and organically around the task.

Consider that the average worker spends about 4.3 hours each week simply searching for papers and/or misplaced communications, according to a study by the National Association of Professional Organizations. Now, this time-sink not only adds up as company time wasted but leads to further stress and diminished creativity in the workplace.

Further, knowledge workers are known to spend as much as 41 percent of their day on discretionary activities that have varying levels of importance and relevance to their job functions, according to the Harvard Business Review.

When given the tools required to efficiently and effectively manage their time, these same knowledge workers cut six hours a week of desk and meeting time. Ultimately, with this windfall of free time, knowledge workers do increase productivity by up to 5%. That can be big for any organization as they seek ways to improve their processes without relying on overly-sophisticated tools that require significant oversight and research.

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