Simply Confirm Employee Engagement

Understand employees better by getting to one number.

Employee engagement can be measured many different ways. Simply Confirm uses every metric within our software to measure how engaged your employees truly are. We go beyond subjective assessments and examine real data points. Your team will become more informed. Your employees will feel great knowing their hard work and dedication is being recognized objectively. 

Track employee engagement with realtime data.

What Makes Us Different?


Understanding how engaged your employees are can be difficult if you’re not looking at all the data. Simply Confirm uses unique data points to develop one simple employee engagement score.


Your team completes hundreds of actions within software a day. Harness the power of this data. Use metrics to understand who’s doing what, when and where without complicated forms and sheets.


When employees see their actions are being recognized they’ll become more motivated. Having to followup less with your team allows them to work more productively. You’ll never mico-manage again.


The Numbers That Matter

How do you evaluate your team? There are so many factors we use to judge our performance and ultimately our productivity. Because there are so many factors, Simply Confirm sees an employee engagement opportunity. By leveraging work data, actual performance data, we can show you only the numbers that matter to your business.


When tasks are assigned, you will know who’s received them, who’s read them and who’s finished the tasks. Yet, Simply Confirm goes a step beyond just these basics. Using our unified platform, you’ll actually know who’s understood the task.


See how engaged individuals and groups are by looking at their file collaborations. Get insight into who’s sharing files, who’s not. Sharing assets, or  creating work product is a great measure of how engaged someone truly is at work.


Visually see how engaged each member of your team is with an extensive performance chart. Simply Confirm pulls in the metrics you want to see, creates the chart and displays the information for individuals and groups.

Engagement Score:
Harnessing Big Data

The more your team uses our employee engagement software, the more data points your company can use. Understand and gauge overall performance without having to use complicated, and often subjective evaluations. Employees will appreciate the two-way transparency into their work. You’ll find the best employees no matter how large or small the organization.


There’s no doubt, data matters. It matters to teams regardless of their size, in every industry. Simply Confirm approaches employee engagement first by organizing data points, then displaying those that matter.


Not every team works well together. This can lead to subjective performance reviews that drive down employee engagement. Using the power of big data, Simply Confirm shows you objective metrics illustrating engagement.


Your team controls the metrics you see. Additionally, only managers can view the engagement of others. Every team member can see his or her own scores. This allows for transparency.


Because Simply Manage integrates all your company communication and business assets,
you’ll see the highest ROI of any unified communication software.

+ Secure Chat

Quickly see how often your employees communicate. 

+ Task Management

Understand who’s Received, Read, and understood.

+ Employee Reports

Understand engagement from multiple data points.

+ File Storage

Know when files are uploaded and downloaded.


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